Community Organizations

Community and faith-based organizations often are leaders in addressing racial equity with their focus on building healthier, more inclusive and prosperous communities.

Contact our Network Coordinator to help you identify a Racial Equity Minnesota member who can best assist you.

Racial Equity Minnesota members are community-based leaders with years of experience working in rural areas, small towns and cities across Minnesota. We understand the challenge of convening communities to discuss difficult topics. We can lend expertise and support that make community conversations productive experiences; we can provide trainings for community organizers to learn the skills to facilitate discussion themselves; and we can provide engaging experiences, such as performances and speakers, to bring the community together for a discussion.

How We Work With Community & Faith-Based Organizations

> A nonprofit organization dedicated to anti-racism work was struggling with issues linked to race and age. Leaders noted that the organization was not, as a result, being effective in its work. Through a customized workshop, the organization examined its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges and developed a map that showed where decisions were being made. Through facilitated discussions, the organization then developed a unified strategic plan that helped it launch a successful community campaign.

> In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the community of Biloxi, Mississippi, was dealing with lingering effects of both the hurricane and related racism. A Racial Equity Minnesota member developed a performance and dialogue to hep the community talk openly about the enduring grief, trauma and inequity. The open dialogue in turn helped the community increase its compassion and understanding.

> A group of community organizations, including charitable, law enforcement, business, schools, and faith institutions, drew on the expertise of a Racial Equity Minnesota member to develop a survey about the existence of bullying-type behaviors in the community at large, including those based in race. From this consultancy, the group developed a responsive campaign to address the issues community-wide.