Government agencies often serve the widest array of people in our communities. Therefore, understanding and addressing issues of race and equity is of vital importance for effective government service delivery.

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Racial Equity Minnesota members have ample experience working with governments and government agencies of all sizes, from those serving small rural communities to those serving state-wide constituencies. Consultations, trainings, employee and customer dialogues, resources and customized theatrical performances can bring this issue to light in helpful, productive ways.

How Our Work Benefits Government Agencies

> A government agency requested trainings from a Racial Equity Minnesota member to help staff learn how to talk about racism and its impact on people. Customized trainings were developed to deal with the wide array of understanding on the topic. This individualized approach resulted in much greater acceptance, integration and learning.

> A small community experiencing rapid racial demographic changes expressed a need to help long-time staff become more culturally competent. Through a consultation and subsequent trainings, staff reported increased confidence in dealing with a wider diversity of constituents.