Building the cultural competence of students, teachers, employees and leaders in educational settings is a core service of Racial Equity Minnesota members.

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Our services can help all members of educational settings gain the knowledge, empathy, self-esteem, critical thinking and practical skills they need to be leaders and collaborators in an increasingly diverse world. We also can help address the pervasive opportunity gaps that exist for students of color.

We can provide training, curricula, resources and practical tools that address bias, teasing, bullying, exclusion and harassment. Hands-on training and resources are vailable for teachers, child care practitioners, students, parents and guardians. We also have specific resources to work with students to help them build internal empowerment and leadership to address racial equity.

Services can be provided for entire districts, individuals schools, or individuals on a one-to-one basis.

How We Help in Educational Settings

> A school was experiencing issues of bullying. Through a consultancy and assessment, a Racial Equity Minnesota member was able to identify underlying issues of race. The school then hosted a customized theatrical performance that helped the students and staff understand, in an engaging format, what was happening and what could be done to change the culture. The result was a new level of open dialogue and improved understanding about how racism influences bullying.

> A Racial Equity Minnesota member offers both curricula and a line of persona dolls, which provide realistic portrayals of actual children with a variety of skin colors and facial features. The persona dolls are used to help children learn about human differences. Children become friends with the dolls and offer advice on problems the doll encounters, as shared by the teacher. In one preschool, a Somali doll was introduced and became an integral part of the class. When a little girl in this class, who was not Somali, subsequently started kindergarten, her teacher was happy to see her instantly become friends with the two Somali girls in her classroom. The three became inseparable. According to little girl, she had already had a Somali friend from preschool!

> A post-secondary institution contracted with a Racial Equity Minnesota member to provide yearly diversity and inclusion awareness programming. As part of course requirement, students pursuing a 2-year law enforcement degree receive four hours of classroom instruction prior to graduation, which results in a significant preparedness for new graduates.