Diversity Council

Who We Are

For more than 30 years Diversity Council has been co-creating communities where each person, regardless of any aspect of identity or personal experience, has the access, opportunity, and knowledge to reach their highest level of well-being. We do that by continuously seeking out and amplifying voices that have not been heard. We listen to identify and facilitate actions that must be taken to foster personal accountability and to change power dynamics.  When this work of elevating every individual is done, our communities become safer, more productive, and prosperous for all.

What We Do

Training and Consulting: professionally developed and delivered education, consultation, and intercultural activities.

EquityLogic™ for Human Systems services focus on issues most important to the organization. Every training we offer is tailored to specific time and logistical needs, based on assessment and input, and customized to address equity learning goals.   

Intercultural Development Inventory© (IDI) is an acclaimed assessment tool that determines intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. Applicable to individual and organizational development, IDI© data are interpreted by Qualified Administrators and utilized to build out plans for intentional movement along the intercultural competence spectrum.

EquityLogic™ Training Modules provide a tactical approach to building cultural agility and diversifying organizational strategies in workgroups of all sizes by covering an array of topics related to organizational culture and personal skill development.

Bystander to Upstander provides interactive scenario-based learning that prepare participants for real life encounters. Unlike traditional diversity training, these activity-based workshops focus on tactical interventions that illustrate bias interruption through culturally-specific insights and role-playing with tips and tools for effective de-escalation, respectful intervention, and workplace accountability.  

Equity Audit, Planning, and Consultation services allow an organization to assess and define its internal equity practices and its position within a market. The process incorporates both qualitative and quantitative data in analysis of inclusivity and competitiveness in an economic landscape that is rapidly changing. The process includes leadership interviews, organizational survey/assessment, internal focus groups, environmental scan, data analysis, policy review, facilities review, and report out of recommendations that become the basis for development of an Equity Plan.   

Youth and Whole Family Training Systems build foundational knowledge for students, educators, support staff,  administrators, and caregivers while developing practical skills and tools for use in the classroom and beyond. In working with a school system, our services focus on issues most important to the institution as a whole. Each module is customized to fit organizational needs while aligning with state standards and professional certification requirements. The inclusion of family/caregivers supports student learning while fostering stronger relationships with educators, administrators, and school staff.