Dialogues & Performances

Helping individuals and organizations conduct healthy, productive dialogues on the topic of racial equity can be a powerful strategy for addressing a critically important issue. Theatrical performances can heighten the impact.

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About Our Dialogues & Performances

Dialogues can build awareness, knowledge, communication, motivation and commitment whether done with a business, community organization, faith community or educational institution. These dialogues help address racial equity on all levels: individual, structural and institutional. Dialogues are empowering experiences, designed to help participants develop concrete, actionable plans to create more racially just work.

Issues of racial equity can be brought to life through thought-provoking and entertaining performances. These performances often result in robust dialogues that inspire people to talk openly about solutions and strengthen the ties that bind us.

How Dialogues & Performances Inspire Our Clients

> A conference to address racism was seeking an opening that went beyond a speech. Organizers hired a Racial Equity Minnesota member to develop an engaging, fast-paced and customized show to kick off the conference. The result was an energized group of participants who were ready to dig deeper into the issues at hand.

> An organization wanted to build a more coherent and effective approach to racial inclusivity and justice. A Racial Equity Minnesota member offered numerous antiracism study-dialogue circles that were open to all people in the organization as well as the wider community. These circles continued for several years, producing an informed, empowered group of people and leading to the organization being noted for its antiracist orientation and culture.

> A high school experienced a racial incident and needed rapid assistance. A Racial Equity Minnesota member, through its large pool of facilitators, was able to quickly host facilitated dialogues to talk about the incident, solutions and a road map. The result was a calm, orderly process that led to real change.