It can be difficult to know how to address racial equity issues. A consultancy is often the best place for individuals, businesses and organizations to start. Let us help you find your way on a challenging topic.

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About Our Consultancies

The members of Racial Equity Minnesota understand that generating strategic solutions to the issues of race, diversity and inclusion can be challenging. But whether your business is seeking to improve its workplace culture, your organization is wanting to address racial equity, or your school is looking to help students and staff gain the skills they need in an increasingly diverse world, a consulting arrangement with a Racial Equity Minnesota network member is an ideal place to start.

We are a network of community-based leaders with extensive experience working in a diversity of settings. We can assist you in establishing a dialogue, identifying the issues at hand, and creating a road map for moving forward.

How Our Consultancies Benefit Businesses, Organizations, and Schools

> A large organization cited feeling "stuck" on how to internally and externally deal with cultural clashes. Through a consultation, a Racial Equity Minnesota member helped this organization create a step-by-step, two-year road map that has resulted in a dramatic decrease in internal complaints and an increase in productivity.

> A juvenile justice facility cited a need to help staff deal more compassionately with incarcerated youth. The consultancy led to organization-wide trainings that helped staff understand the effects of systemic racism on the lives of the youth. As a result, facility staff reported a significant increase in understanding and became aware of social concerns, policies and practices that intersect the “school to prison pipeline” concerns of the African American culture in particular.

> An organization experienced an event that caused racial tensions to explode. Through a consultation, organizational leaders discovered a need to understand why race and racism is so highly charged and how the current crisis might drive longer-term changes. The Racial Equity Minnesota member assisted with framing the immediate issue, setting up appropriate follow-ups for participants, and designing long-term plans for increasing racial awareness and shaping response patterns.

> A nonprofit organization called a Racial Equity Minnesota member citing an internal conflict around race. Through a consulting relationship, an assessment was conducted using an intercultural survey tool, which helped the organization focus on the key issues affecting the entire organization. The organization continues to consult on an annual basis to help it stay on track with its plan.