Businesses increasingly understand how racial equity and lack of cultural understanding affect the workplace.

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Our workforce in Minnesota is changing. In the first decade of this century, the population of people of color grew by 55%. As a result, almost every county in the state is seeing significant increases in the diversity of its workers. There are tremendous opportunities for businesses with these changes, but also challenges. Whether your company is seeking to improve the work environment, address the bottom line, attract a diverse workforce, or simply understand the impact of racial equity, Racial Equity Minnesota can help. Our network members have many years of experience working with businesses to recognize and address bias, manage human differences, and optimize diverse assets.

Helping businesses address diversity issues that are causing friction or impacting profits is a daily task for Racial Equity Minnesota members. Our services range from providing performances and speakers at conferences to working on internal policies to conducting business-wide trainings that engage employees in developing solutions. Trainings can focus on increasing intercultural competency, communications and responses from people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

How Racial Equity Minnesota Members Help Businesses

> A company was struggling with employee dynamics. A great deal of distrust had emerged based on cultural perspectives and stereotypes. A Racial Equity Minnesota member was engaged to help employees talk openly and honestly, and to both address stereotypes and grow understanding among cultures. Through breakout sessions, employees focused on shared values, resulting in dramatically improved relationships that led to a significant improvement in the work environment.

> A major medical provider wanted to provide better care to diverse clientele. Through customized training, teams of employees learned a facilitation model to help staff and clients talk about what was and was not going well. Staff reported a deep realization that unconscious bias was resulting in poor operations. As a result of the trainings, the organization made major changes in how its clinics operated and subsequently reported a significant increase in reports of culturally competent care being provided.

> A major electronics company engaged a Racial Equity Minnesota member to develop custom trainings to understand how issues of bias might surface in a retail environment and result in loss of sales. Through training of the entire company's middle management, the company reported significant increase in cultural understanding and the impact of bias on the bottom line.