Who We Are

Started in 1996, AMAZEworks uses Anti-Bias Education theory as a framework for identity development, appreciating differences, and noticing, naming, and rejecting bias. We help schools and organizations create belonging and equity, enabling people of all ages to engage fully in their relationships with each other and the work that they do. AMAZEworks offers Anti-Bias Education curriculum, programs, and training for schools, and equity consultation and training for communities, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses.

What We Do

AMAZEworks specializes in working with adults to examine and interrupt the biases that perpetuate structural inequalities and systemic oppression. Our research-based work uses an Anti-Bias Education model and Conditions for Belonging Framework to help clients create equity and belonging for their stakeholders at every level. We engage adults in important self-reflection and conversations about identity, differences, and bias. AMAZEworks provides customized workshops, ongoing training, and consulting.