about the network

As the only network of its kind in the state, Racial Equity Minnesota is trusted to help deliver positive outcomes and solutions on the complex topic of racial equity through a comprehensive portfolio of products and continuum of services.

A network of community-based leaders, Racial Equity Minnesota offers comprehensive, one-stop shopping for high-quality services, useful resources and tools, and ongoing support to address racial equity in the workplace and in educational and community settings.

Racial Equity Minnesota helps its clients establish dialogue and a platform for understanding on a difficult topic, illuminating the issues and demonstrating the value of addressing racial equity. The network can help build cultural competence by:

  • equipping people with skills to address racial equity
  • convening organizational leaders to tackle a critical issue
  • delivering high-quality curriculum to address and improve racial equity
  • providing trainings, performances, presentations, workshops, technical services and road maps to address racial equity on the individual, structural and institutional levels
  • helping students, teachers, employees and institutional leaders gain the knowledge, empathy, self-esteem, critical thinking and practical skills they need to be leaders and workers in an increasingly diverse world

REMn is a nonprofit entity with nine member organizations that have qualified for membership by meeting a set of high standards related to experience, expertise, and proven results. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to assist you in identifying the options that best fit your circumstances.

Racial Equity Minnesota is supported with financial and technical assistance from The Saint Paul Foundation and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.